Monday, 26 July 2010

NEW product to try :)

Okay i know i only just posted a post yesterday,if that makes sense?! lol
But my lovely, lovely mother come back from food shopping yesterday and bough me some goodies home.
First of all she introduced me to "Tesco Tradtional herbal remedy skin tablets"
It says that they can be taken for spots, skin blemishes and dry eczema!
- they contain Burdock root & Wild pansy which are known to treat skin problems
When you first pierce the lid this rather unpleasant smell hits you right in the face, cant really explain what it smells like lol
Each pale peach coloured, film coated tablet contains the active ingredients: Extract of burdock root and extract of wild pansy.

It does say to take 3, two times daily, but as they are new to me im taking 3 a day - 1 after breakfast, lunch & dinner, cant really review this product for you yet and i only recieved them yesterday, soo say in a week's time i will do another post and tell you how they went!

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