Sunday, 25 July 2010

Nasty Flare-up/Allergic reaction

Okay as you can tell from that picture i havent been doing that well lately! :( BOO!
Over the weekend my face began to get worse i could feel it, all burning up, like it was on fire to be honest! bare in mind i havent had any dairy in over a week now. Soo me and my mum got thinking of what could of caused it,i went through in my head and told her BUT one thing i do remember was the shampoo i used for the first time down my boyfriends and it was tesco's own range it was called Jojoba & Balsam 750ml. I have been searching and searching fora piccy of it on the internet but having no luck at all, sorry!, but its a pink/reddish colour in a transparent bottle with the title on the front. your probably thinking how do u know its that? well i have been doing a lot of thinking and i think/well im positive its that beacause it was the first time i have used it and the last! lol. So today i have been forced to use my hydrocortisone on my face, which i hate doingg so much because the side effects are so bad.I will continue to write on here on how my face is doing, fingers crossed its going ot get better because i cant handle the staring any longer,Speakk soonies xoxo

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