Sunday, 11 July 2010

Calling all eczema sufferers!

This is my first ever blog in my whole life, so here goes wish me luck Guys! =)

I decided to start up a blog on eczema, how it works, why it affects more than 30% of the population and my diary on my own personal eczema.

I have suffered from Atopic eczema for the past two years now, and to be truthful i am very sick and tired of the sight of it and how it makes me feel, i was born with it, but at the age of 4-5years i grew out of it. But now at the age of 19, i shouldn't be feeling like this and covering up every inch of eczema covered skin! :( believe me i have tried everything and anything and most days i feel like giving up on this horrible disease, but i think i cant be the only one out there suffering. So calling all eczema sufferers out there any tips or suggestions you could kindly share with me?, i would be so grateful if you did, meanwhile i'm going to post a diary on how my eczema is and what i am doing to prevent flare-ups, especially in this heat we got going on at the moment in the UK.

on that note, i would LOVE, LOVE to hear from you =)

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